Windows Shutter repair

Window shutter repair

Our team at shutter monster has the expertise and specializes in all the repairs and maintenance of windows shutters London. We guarantee the services and workmanship we provide to our clients, and also at very affordable prices.

Services we provide are:

  • Window shutter repair.
  • Window shutter installation.
  • Replacement of broken cable.
  • Replacement of box winder.
  • Replacement of box and winder combo.

No matter which brand of shutter you have installed, there will be a point where it will have some mechanical issue. Without a doubt you can trust our team at Monster shutters and their services of windows shutters London.

 Common malfunctions in windows shutters

The very main malfunctions that, usually our services being call for are:

  • General wear and tear
  • Problems occurring due to incorrect installation of window shutters
  • Damage window shutter due to incorrect use of window shutters.

Our team has a vast experience in window shutter repair, so whatever the cause might be we will provide you with the best possible solution. Our team really appreciates feedback from our clients; we strive to attain the satisfaction of our clients which helps us a lot to keep our reputation in the market.

Cost of your windows shutters repair

Yes the cost may vary from one case to another. We have listed some of the factors which will add up when you are in the process of repairing the window shutters. And it will give you a clear idea what to expect when you are changing your window shutters.

  • One of the very basic factor which will determine the replacement or repair cost of your damaged window shutter is the material of the shutter like if its wood, plastic or some other material, the type and color of paint will also add up in the cost.
  • If you have the shutter operated by remote control, the cost of replacing those specific parts will determine the repairing cost.
  • If you are having a window shutter that was custom made or ordered from a different place, such kinds of replacements and repairs are usually expensive because then the replacement parts has to be order from that specific place from where it was brought or in some cases it has to be custom made.
  • The repair or the replacement of pins, knobs and springs will relatively be a small expense. We always recommend our clients not to ignore such minor replacements because in future that may lead to a big problem with a bigger expense.
  • Sometimes you might be planning just for a color change and giving a new look along with its maintenance, this is a less expensive way to give a new look to your window shutters than to replace them with a new one which will usually cost you more.

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